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Encyclopedia of Machinery: Don't use butter indiscriminately in agricultural machinery maintenance

Butter is a lubricant that is often used in the maintenance of agricultural machinery. Because it is sticky, some agricultural machinery operators use it as adhesive, but pay attention to the following areas:

1. Piston rings. In order to avoid misplacement of piston ring during installation, some agricultural machinery operators put butter on the ring groove to stick the ring, which is very harmful. When the engine is working, the butter forms a colloidal substance when it meets the heat, which affects the elasticity of the piston ring, reduces the sealing performance, and produces carbon deposition, which aggravates the wear of the parts.

2. Cylinder gasket. When installing the cylinder, some agricultural machinery operators put butter on both sides of the cylinder gasket in order to increase the tightness of the cylinder, but the result is just the opposite. Because the temperature of the cylinder block rises sharply when the engine is working, the butter will quickly melt and drain, resulting in air leakage in the cylinder block. At the same time, the melting of butter will produce carbon deposit, which will accelerate the deterioration and aging of cylinder gasket.

3. Governor. For the convenience of installation, some agricultural machinery operators stick the ball in the governor bracket with butter. In this way, after starting, the copper ball is not easy to separate under the action of centrifugal force. However, once the butter melts into the crankcase, the oil will deteriorate and cannot be used.

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