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[Garden maintenance] How much do you know about the use and maintenance of garden machinery?

Before using the garden machinery, you must read the instructions carefully in order to understand the structure and working principle of the machinery and better use and maintain the machinery.

※ Note: clearly identify the number of strokes of the engine you are using.

1、 Use and maintenance of four-stroke mower

1. Use unleaded gasoline above 93, and never use leaded gasoline, mixed gasoline, or contaminated gasoline. (Note: Refueling should be done outdoors. Smoking is absolutely prohibited during refueling. Refueling is absolutely prohibited when the engine is running.) The engine oil should be SC grade gasoline oil. The use of four-stroke motorcycle oil is prohibited.

2. The new mower must be run-in for 2-3 hours before use, and it needs to be shut down for 5-15 minutes every 45-60 minutes. After running-in, the oil must be replaced and refilled with new oil. Do not add oil above the upper limit of the scale, but never below the lower limit. Always check the oil level before each use. Change the oil every 30 hours (it is better to change the oil when it is hot).

3. The filter element shall be checked after each use. The paper filter element and sponge filter element shall be replaced or cleaned every 30 hours of machine operation. In case of serious pollution, the filter element shall be cleaned or replaced in advance.

4. The machine should be stopped for 5-15 minutes every 45-60 minutes. Clean the engine and chassis after each use of the machine.

5. It is strictly forbidden to use it on a slope greater than 25 °, because the oil splash wheel cannot reach the oil due to the large inclination angle, and the cylinder will be pulled (or locked).

6. Before using the machine, the sundries in the lawn must be cleaned, such as stone tiles, iron wires, wooden piles, sprinklers, steel pipes, etc.

safety first! Three key points for maintenance: "look at the engine oil, clean the filter element and clean the chassis"

2、 Use and maintenance of two-stroke hedgerow machine, lawn mower and chainsaw

1. Use unleaded gasoline above 93 and two-stroke gasoline engine oil (2T). It is forbidden to use pure gasoline.

2. This machine uses a mixture of gasoline and engine oil. The volume mixing ratio of gasoline and engine oil is 25:1 or 50:1, depending on which engine oil you use, and the mixing ratio of each engine oil is different.

3. The new machine must be running-in for 1 hour before use, and it needs to be shut down for 5-10 minutes every 20-30 minutes.

4. Grease must be added to the gearbox, gearbox and working head every 20 hours.

5. Every 40 hours after the machine is used, check whether each screw is loose. If it is loose, be sure to tighten it.

6. Before using the machine, the work site shall be cleaned to prevent stones, wires and other sundries from affecting the use safety.

7. Maintenance of the blade of the hedge machine: regularly (25 hours) check the gap between the upper and lower blades, and timely adjust (the interval is the half circle of thread interval of the bolt) to keep the blade sharp. Fill the blade with oil every hour of operation, and the diameter of the pruned branch is less than 10mm.

8. Maintenance of cutter head of irrigation cutter: the length of nylon rope head should be controlled to be less than 15cm. When using the blade, the balance of the blade should be guaranteed. The vibrating blade should not be used when the rod vibration is small.

safety first! Three key points for maintenance: "add mixed oil first, add butter second, clean filter element and blade third"

3、 Other precautions:

1. All machines must be operated at high throttle.

2. In case of abnormal noise, vibration and failure of the machine, the dealer shall be informed in time.

3. During maintenance and repair, when moving the machine, stop running the engine and disconnect the spark plug wiring.

4. It is forbidden for minors to use it. Do not put your hands and feet close to the running part, especially the blade, so there are many cases of problems.

5. When the machine is tilted, it should be tilted to the side of the muffler with the filter element on top.

safety first! Three key points: "People are the first, maintenance is better than maintenance, and work must be serious"

4、 Precautions for winter maintenance (long-term maintenance, storage period more than 30 days):

1. Drain the gasoline in the tank, and then start the gasoline engine until it runs out and stops;

2. In the hot engine state that has just stopped, first drain the oil in the crankcase, and immediately add new oil to the appropriate scale;

3. Remove the spark plug, drop 5-10 ml of engine oil into the cylinder block, turn the crankshaft for several turns, and install the spark plug;

4. Clean the dust and debris around the cutter head, engine body, cylinder block, cylinder head radiator, air guide cover, mesh cover and muffler; Then save.

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